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Combining skills, experience and design imagination in a new professional team RYBA land design brings together a combined vision and imagination with local, regional and international experience.

Our design position is based on understanding the territory from which a design develops. Combining 30 years of expertise in urbanism, landscape and architecture, RYBA land design seeks to integrate rather than differentiate, approaching each project as a unified design vision rather than separating work into types.

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Beyond plants and paving, landscape is a territory marked by active occupation. RYBA land design starts with an understanding of the public life which the design will frame.

From the urban scale, to the smallest detail, a well-designed place should open up possibilities for its users.  We combine this ambition with the skills to structure and anchor such activity in the built space.

Working with all members of the design team, we aim to to develop a clear and elegant strategy for the work, such that, changes occuring during construction and in use are woven into the design itself.  Design of the environment is a concern above all, with its comfortable inhabitation.


We emphasise the need for a the practical, ecologically sound and economical approach to fully realize a creative design vision. We work in open consultation with other design disciplines, contributing to a team approach to imaginative site and landscape development. We have worked as consultants with developers, private commercial interests, residential clients and municipalities, as well as other architects, planners and engineers.

* Masterplanning and Site Development (including LEED qualified sites )

* Design Development Guidelines

* Site Planning

* Urban Design

* Landscape Design

* Streetscape and Highway landscape design

* Landscape Irrigation Design

* Architectural Design